We are implementing AMR school clubs programme  in Dodoma region,Tanzania.The programme consist of educating and empowering potential school children within each of the selected schools to become agents of change who inturn will encourage the community to adopt positive behaviors that will prevent the spread and emergency of antimicrobial resistance(AMR).

Last year RBA Initiative trained &empowered 160 students  in three schools. These agents of change have so far reached more than 1000 fellow students and more than 800 community members through outreach program. The organization strive to roll out the AMR school Club Programme to more schools across a wider geographical area, to further raise awareness of antimicrobial resistance. The programme also sensitize One Health approach as a key tool to contain antimicrobial resistance. RBA Initiative uses different strategies to enhance better understanding of AMR while encouraging creativity and innovation among the students.Strategies include arts and crafts like songs,drama,skits and tradional dance,competitions,storytelling and set of fun activities.We hope to further build the capacity to 300 pupils this year, developing them as agents of change in the fight against AMR in their own communities.

The Quean''s Commonwealth Trust is providing  technical and financial support ,QCT also provides advice and guidance on organizational areas including safeguarding and financial management. More about our work with QCT find the link below queenscommonwealthtrust.org.

The project is also being supported by the British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy(BSAC) through it''s new global health initiative ''Stop superbugs''. More about our work with BSAC find the link below stopsuperbugs.co.uk .

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