With the support from The Queen''s Commonwealth Trust(QCT) we are implementing AMR school programme across three schools in Dodoma,Tanzania.The programme consist of educating and empowering 50 students within each of the three schools to become agents of change who inturn will encourage the community to adopt prevention methods such as hand hygiene and sanitation, and raise awareness about the dangers of counterfeit drugs and how to identify them. RBA Initiative will educate the students about Antimicrobial resistance and strive to roll out the AMR school Club Programme to more schools across a wider geographical area,to futher raise awareness of antimicrobial resistance.The programme also sensitize One Health approach as a key tool to contain antimicrobial resistance. RBA Initiative uses Arts&Craft for better understanding of antimicrobial resistance, encouraging creativity and innovation among the students through competitions like AMR essay competition and AMR art&craft competitions .We hope to reach a further 150 pupils, developing them as agents of change in the fight against AMR in their own communities. We also use storytelling to convey our messages. The Queen''s Commonwealth Trust is providing both technical and financial support ,QCT also provides advice and guidance on organisational areas including safeguarding and financial management. More about our work with QCT find the link below !

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