The RBA Initiative has introduced a new program to reach school children in primary schools in the Dodoma region. The program is dubbed "An AMR Balozi campaign program." "Balozi" is a Swahili word that stands for "an ambassador". One of the key objectives of the Tanzania national action plan on AMR is to improve awareness and understanding of AMR through effective communication, education, and training, and we believe further engaging schoolchildren in their formative ways is the best way to go!

The RBA Initiative has successfully engaged secondary school students through its AMR School Clubs Program, developing them as AMR champions. As a result of capacity building for teachers and members of AMR clubs at secondary schools,

Trained students and teachers are AMR champions and are a great resource for further AMR awareness activities to reach a wider group, including primary schools.

It is in this regard that the RBA Initiative has introduced the AMR Balozi program to primary schools to raise awareness about antimicrobial resistance among schoolchildren in primary schools.

The primary objective of an AMR Balozi campaign program is to raise AMR awareness among schoolchildren at primary schools and make them ambassadors of positive behavioral change that will slow down AMR. Schoolchildren will be influential in changing behaviors for their parents, family, and the community at large. Since its inception, the AMR Balozi program has already reached more than 5000 schoolchildren. This will be an ongoing campaign.

We are already excited about this new program and the new AMR ambassadors it will create. The RBA Initiative calls upon more stakeholders who can support the work of the RBA Initiative.

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