What does SNAP-AMR stand for?

It is short for “Supporting the National Action Plan for Antimicrobial Resistance in Tanzania”

SNAP-AMR is an initiative aimed at supporting Tanzania''''s National Action Plan for Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). It involves a diverse team of researchers from various institutions, including the University of Glasgow. The project explores the biological, social, and cultural factors contributing to AMR and develops interventions, including awareness campaigns, to educate people about AMR and encourage behavior changes.

The Gari Gari campaign, a part of SNAP-AMR, was born from interviews with healthcare providers who identified the need for patient awareness about AMR,but that they face considerable time constraints in the consultation room. In response the SNAP AMR team collaborated with the RBA Initiative to develop the Gari Gari campaign of using vehicles bringing the patients to health care facilities, so that people would arrive at the hospital having already heard key messages about AMR prevention.It was developed in collaboration with the RBA Initiative, which also played a significant role in creating AMR messages, translations, campaign evaluation, web creation, and various campaign tasks.

The campaign operates in Moshi and Mwanza, focusing on transport routes to Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre and Bugando Medical Centre, helping raise awareness about AMR among patients in Tanzania.

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