Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) poses a significant threat to public health globally. It is crucial to create awareness and educate people about the issue, as well as promote behavior change in    curbing the spread of AMR. One potential approach to advocate for AMR and reaching a wide audience is by utilizing public transport (buses or “daladala”). The RBA Initiative carries out AMR training for “daladala” drivers and conductors.

Several “daladala” drivers and conductors from different routes in Dodoma , as well as from the Singida, were gathered together in this program. The training intensifies the general concept of AMR to make the drivers and conductors aware and encourage positive behavioral change towards AMR. Also, “daladala” drivers are made AMR ambassadors to raise awareness and disseminate AMR messages.

Additionally, after completing the AMR training to the drivers and conductors, they are provided with visual   appealing posters that are put behind their respective buses with the intention to capture attention and communicate essential AMR-related messages to the pedestrians/community members. They also distribute AMR flyers to the passengers and further stimulate AMR discussions.

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