Engaging local community influencers and religious leaders to contain AMR

It’s crucial for the community to have AMR knowledge this will have positive impact on them when it comes to the decision making regarding to health seeking behaviors, antimicrobial use and consumption. By realizing that everyone in the community might be impacted by AMR, RBA Initiative empowers the local community influencers and religious leaders in AMR dialogues in order to encourage behavioral changes related to AMR.


Local influencers in different wards where AMR school clubs are established are continuously engaged and empowered in AMR discussions. This includes religious leaders, Village elders, Ward councilors, Village government leaders, youth representatives, local transport drives, local food vendors and Extension officers. These individuals have a significant influence in their community, and they can use their position to disseminate and reach a wide audience.

The training project focus not only educate but also inspire action and create a collective effort to combat antimicrobial resistance. Local influencers appreciate the knowledge they gain during the training sessions. This bottom-up approach strengthens the impact of the project as it taps into the existing networks and trust within the community.

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