The National Multisectoral Coordination Committee on AMR applauds the RBA Initiative's interventions on AMR.

During our participation in the National Multisectoral Coordination Committee (MCC) meeting on AMR chaired by the Chief Medical Officer, we had the privilege to present detailed progress reports on our transformative Bridging Program and a range of other interventions geared towards combating AMR as part of our support to the implemention of National AMR Action Plan(NAP). Our commitment to driving positive change in the healthcare landscape and championing responsible antimicrobial practices shines through in our dedicated efforts within this vital committee.The Tanzanian Chief Medical Officer Dr.Mary Nagu commends the RBA Initiative's efforts and its comprehensive approach to containing AMR. The MCC's positive feedback on the ongoing Bridging Program and other RBA Initiative interventions on AMR highlights the collective efforts of both state and non-state actors in addressing AMR.

It is our mission to continuously contribute to the national efforts in tackling the alarming issue of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Our engagement in the National Multisectoral Coordination Committee on AMR serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to addressing this pressing global health concern. Through our active participation and provision of progress updates on our impactful Bridging Program and other AMR interventions, we strive to make meaningful contributions that safeguard public health and preserve the effectiveness of antimicrobials for generations to come.

We believe that collaboration and proactive engagement are fundamental in the fight against AMR. By actively participating in forums such as the National Multisectoral Coordination Committee on AMR, we aim to align our efforts with the broader national agenda while leveraging our expertise and initiatives to drive tangible advancements in the realm of antimicrobial stewardship. Our commitment to transparency, accountability, and impactful action underscores our dedication to being agents of positive change in the fight against AMR.

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