The RBA Initiative participated at the Uppsala Antibiotic Days 2024, a multidisciplinary conference on AMR.

We are excited to have participated at the Uppsala Antibiotic Days conference. A premier multidisciplinary conference dedicated to Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). By participating in this influential event and sharing insights with stakeholders and experts from diverse AMR fields, we aim to drive meaningful discussions and collaborative efforts to combat the rising threat of drug resistance and protect public health.

Our presence at Uppsala Antibiotic Days underscores our commitment to advancing the discourse on AMR and fostering a collaborative approach towards addressing this global health challenge. As we exchanged knowledge and best practices with esteemed experts and stakeholders at this multidisciplinary conference, we are dedicated to leveraging our insights and initiatives to promote effective hand hygiene practices among community members, school children and healthcare workers and contribute to the collective efforts in curbing the spread of drug-resistant pathogens. Join us in our mission to prioritize hand hygiene and curb antimicrobial resistance for a healthier tomorrow.

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