The RBA Initiative joined stakeholder groups in the launch of the African Youth Antimicrobial Resistance Alliance Task Force in Nairobi.

With its solid and pioneering experience in engaging the younger generation as changemakers to contain AMR, the RBA Initiative participated and engaged as a member of the African Youth Antimicrobial Resistance Alliance Task Force.

The Task Force of African Youth, a burgeoning alliance of 14 youth-led and youth-serving organizations, is dedicated to highlighting and advancing young people's innovative approaches to combating Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and addressing key priority areas across Africa. This initiative is a collective effort to empower the continent's youth, enabling them to take an active role in developing and implementing sustainable solutions that tackle the critical challenges posed by AMR. By fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange, the Task Force aims to drive impactful change and promote health security in African communities.

Convened in Nairobi, Kenya, by ReAct-Action on Antibiotic Resistance, the formation event of the Task Force brought together experts and representatives from prominent organizations, including Africa CDC, FAO, UNEP, and the Kenya Ministry of Health. This diverse assembly underscored the importance of multi-stakeholder engagement in addressing AMR and reinforced the commitment to leveraging the unique insights and creativity of the youth. Through this initiative, the Task Force seeks to build a robust network that supports youth-driven efforts, fostering innovation and resilience in the fight against AMR across the continent. The RBA Initiative is proud to be part of the task force and share experience and expertise on AMR interventions.

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