Improving WASH infrastructures through the RBA Initiative AMR Arts & Crafts Competition-Dodoma,Tanzania

Through AMR school clubs, the RBA Initiative uses different methodologies to engage and educate schoolchildren on antimicrobial resistance in the Dodoma region-Tanzania. Methods include classroom teaching, arts and crafts like songs, skits, drama, traditional dances, and storytelling, as well as fun videos.

Moreover, further motivation for active participation is encouraged through the RBA Initiative AMR Arts and Crafts competition. This is an innovative way of educating the school children on AMR and reaching the community with key AMR messages in a fun way. The RBA Initiative uses this competition as an opportunity to improve WASH infrastructure by handing over a new washing station and water tank to the overall winner of the competition.

Hand hygiene is one of the most effective ways of reducing the spread of resistant organisms. The RBA Initiative is teaching schoolchildren about good hand hygiene practices, so improving the hand washing infrastructure is important and critical practical support to further encourage positive behavioral change regarding hand hygiene practices.

The RBA Initiative would like to call for more stakeholders who can support the prize for the RBA Initiative AMR School Arts and Crafts competition. We would like to improve the competition even further by having different categories so as to encourage creativity among the participants while communicating AMR in a simple and fun way to the younger generation and the community at large. The RBA Initiative would also like to build hand-washing stations for all schools participating in this competition.

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