The AMR change makers walk and exhibitions is a symbolic gesture to signify the united effort in curbing AMR. Our AMR School Club members walked together, carrying banners and singing in advocating for responsible antimicrobial use and AMR related messages as well as distributing AMR flyers in Bahi and Dodoma districts. It is heartening to witness the enthusiasm and commitment of the young generation in raising AMR awareness and advocating for AMR preventive measures.

The exhibitions showcase Arts and Craft including AMR drawings, informative displays, interactive activities, and educational materials related to AMR designed by the school children. The attendees had the opportunity to learn about the drivers of AMR, its impact on public health, and the importance of collective action to address this global threat.

During the AMR exhibition event helt at the African Dream hotel in the city of Dodoma, it was an opportunity to introduce the multi-award-winning artist Ben Pol as AMR goodwill ambassador ,helping RBA Initiative in adressing AMR agenda,raising awareness and promote positive behavioral change to a large audience due to his influence in the community. 

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